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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Frock It... but beware of the comment link is all I'm saying...

OK, so just because I've been asked very nicely, here is my entry for this week's Frock It, a lovely linky run by a lovely lady who writes the lovely blog This Mid 30s Life.

The idea is to find a really good or really bad outfit from the week, celebrity or not. The wedding dresses this week were simply amazing! My choice may actually have been from longer ago than that, but I'm hoping I don't get linky barred....
Emma Watson is, in my opinion, so stylish, and ultra feminine even with her short hair. I loved this frock mostly because it's the sort of thing my husband would hate - not that there's any danger of me wearing something like this (with my legs? and bingo wings? and and and...!!). To me it looks stunning - but she could probably wear a bin liner and look good, to be fair.

So that's my entry in the linky - feel free to sniff out your own favourite frock pic and join in!!


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