Monday, 27 February 2012

Xia-Xia. Skitter Scatter silly fun!

Yipppeee! Our half term was brightened up considerably by the arrival of a lovely package, which contained a new toy for us to review.

We were lucky enough to receive a Xia-Xia toy plus the Confetti Cottage to go with it.

Tamsin was thrilled with these - I think her actual words were 'I love love love love love love it!'. Having a house full of zooming hamsters already, it was really nice to see something a bit different and SMALLER.....

The motto of the range is: 
'Welcome to a place where everyday is Carnival with Xia-Xia™ (pronounced Sha-Sha); new colorful, collectible hermit crabs and playsets.
 From a distant island, these crazy crustaceans live to dance and play because everyday is a celebration with Xia-Xia! '

This is the little crab we have, called Turks. You tap the claws and she skitters about in various directions, which the girls find very amusing. The shell of the crab pulls off easily and underneath there is a tiny toy which can then sit on the neck of the crab. The idea is that you can then buy extra shells separately (hey, guess I've got to do that now, lucky me!) which each contain 2 more different tiny play pieces and you can swap and change to your hearts content.
 I know Tamsin would like this one next:

 The playset is actually a little house for them, and it does extend play. It also doubles up as a handy portable storage place so you can take them anywhere!

Sasha (our 4 year old) also really enjoyed playing with these. The range is aimed at 4+, and I would definitely suggest sticking to that as they do contain very small pieces - a choking hazard but also easily lost if the child is not careful. 

I definitely recommend these toys as the girls will love them - they are perfect for collecting (even from a parents point of view due to the size!), and well priced as great birthday gifts. The range can be bought from but are also available in all good toy stores I believe.

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