Thursday, 23 February 2012

Zhu-Fari Jigglebug Jungle playset review

Zhu Zhu pets. Better than the real thing.

Well, that would be my marketing strapline for them if asked.

We were lucky (?!) enough to be able to bring the school hamster home for a weekend recently, which my eldest daughter said was going to be better than Christmas. In reality, she spent the weekend hoping it would wake from its sleep during the day (hamsters are nocturnal don't you know) whilst hoping at the same time that it wouldn't bite her....

Zhu Zhu pets, on the other hand, are pain free! They are also happy to play at any time of the day or night, and you don't need to build them a big cardboard playground as there are some lovely playsets available in all good retailers too.

Just before getting the 'real thing', we were lucky enough to receive our own Zhu-Fari Lion's Park Playset and animal for the girls to review. The playset consists of a few pieces of brightly coloured plastic which interlock together, and which can also be connected to other playsets.

The girls were highly amused by the way the pink leopard zips about in different directions, and by its unusual noise. The playsets usually give extra value and longer role play time as they are able to involve the accessories and really develop stories, but in this case you really need to have some of the babies (there's an excuse to pop out and buy a treat!), as the chute and the monkey swing features are for baby pet size only.
Packaging for the playset is slightly disappointing, as although it states at the bottom that it is a playset with no animals included, it does show the actual animals and babies in the pictures.     I don't think many young children read the words on a box, so obviously they expect to see it all in there.....

I would definitely recommend this Zhu-Fari range for all girls aged 4-9 though, as I'm sure they would all enjoy it. As we now have three playsets which take up some considerable floor space, my next suggestion for the manufacturers would be micro hamsters and micro worlds for them to all play in.... 

“We’ve just learned that with Zhu-Fari you can even win a break for all the family at the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures. It’s a great competition, you can enter here

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