Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jungle Junction playthings

Now I'll have to admit I wasn't really that clued up on Jungle Junction myself; could be because it's a Disney show and we don't have those extra paid-for channels.

However, somehow our 4 (nearly 5) year old daughter Sasha has managed to fall in love with it and is a big fan. I'm guessing she's found it on either the Disney website or YouTube..... either way I'm glad she doesn't realise it could actually be on television for her!

So imagine Sasha's surprise and delight when we were sent the following package to review:

It included a squirty bath time character (we received Zooter), a plush character on working wheels (Bungo), a pull back character (Ellyvan) and the Wheel Around Fun Set.

The biggest hit has most definitely been the pull back Ellyvan. This has a trunk which can be turned around in all directions, and clicks as you do so, but more importantly it has doors which open at the back, allowing Ellyvan to be filled with all kinds of interesting stuff (if you're ever wondering where your car keys have gone, there's a good place to start  ). This makes it a fascinating toy for the little ones, giving hours of imaginative play. Even more so if you use it in conjunction with the Wheel Around Fun Set - this set contains a Jungle Junction playmat and signs like those used in the TV series. It also comes with 3 of the mini characters for rolling around. This is a nice size, compact playset which provides lots of fun.

Bath squirties are always fun in the bath, but more so if they are a favourite character! The plush toy is good quality but more suitable for using as another toy to push around on the floor rather than a cuddly one, due to the hard plastic wheels.

Jungle Junction is a BAFTA nominated pre-school series by Disney Junior; for more information please see

Really must go now..... "Gotta Zip, gotta Zip..." (sorry)

Disclosure: we were sent the above toys for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the views expressed here are our own.

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