Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sylvanian Families Celebration Sea Breeze Rabbit Family

Wow, that's a title and a half, isn't it?!

Our eldest girl (age 6, soon to be 7) absolutely loves Sylvanian Families and already has a nice little collection. Bears, rabbits, caravans, houses, playgrounds, bakeries - and still so much more to go at! Our 4 year old also loves to play with these but we do have to remind her to be careful with them, as the pieces are so small. That's part of the attraction though; as a parent that means less space taken up at home, and for the children it leads to endless hours of play value.

We were so lucky to be chosen to review the Sylvanian Families Celebration Rabbit Family. A favourite for both big and little kids, this adorable collection of cute Easter bunnies is just one of the families celebrating 25 years of Sylvanian Families. 

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and Baby are all dressed in lovely marine style outfits. They come in a lovely presentation box which includes 6 mini postcards. The back of the box gives the names (Lawrence, Doris, Tristan, Morgan and Nessie Columbus!) and also a little background story for each character, which is great to give the children a head start with setting up scenes and then they can let their imagination run on.

The animals range from cows to polar bears, and there are many other sets which would also make perfect birthday presents, hint, hint. (Not for me though, thanks all the same!!). This set is around £19.99, in all good toy stores now.

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Disclosure: we were sent the See Breeze Rabbit Family for the purpose of this review


  1. Those things are too cool!

    And for the record, we still have angry bird stuff all over the house.

    1. some things just go on and on, don't they?!

  2. oh my goodness these are sooo cute! My girls would have played with these for hours...and what a great gift they would make!! your girls are lucky!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy weekend!

    1. Hi and have followed your blog back, you crazy woman (8 children??!). Yes I make sure I tell my girls every day how lucky they are :-)

  3. I used to LOVE Sylvanian families when I was a child. They were one of the toys my (teacher) mum whole-heartedly approved of!

    1. funny, my mum a teacher too! Don't think I'd ever heard of Sylanians back then though - was too busy hanging out on oil tankers ;)


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