Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs kit review - Easter crafting!

When we were offered the chance to review the Mould & Paint Glitter Eggs kit, I knew instantly the girls would love it, but wondered when on earth we would find the time and the patience to do it! In fact I needn't have worried, as it didn't take too long and wasn't even that fiddly.

When the box arrived, the girls were suitably impressed. It contains a blister mould for 4 half eggs, 2 bags of plaster powder, 5 colour paint strip and brush, magnets, ribbon, sticky pads, sandpaper, glitter and instructions.

The plaster provided is enough to make either 4 whole eggs or 2 whole eggs and 4 halves (good for magnets). As there is only one mould, you need to make these in two goes (not so helpful when you're trying to make two young children share!), but having the plaster in two separate bags means this is easier to manage.

Water is added to the plaster and stirred, then needs to be poured fairly carefully into the moulds (so adult supervision definitely needed here for younger children). The plaster then only takes about 30 minutes to set, which is just about manageable for the little ones. Next is the best bit - painting and decorating with glitter! I was very impressed with my girls' creativity (Tamsin did hers as an Easter garden complete with sun!) but the pictures on the box also helped with ideas:

So we made two lovely eggs to hang, then turned four halves into magnets for the fridge:

Unfortunately our magnets and sticky pads didn't seem to adhere to the plaster's surface, even after sanding, so we did have to call in the Daddy strong glue. Maybe we were just unlucky, but I'd have some glue on standby just in case to avoid the disappointment!

All in all this was a lovely crafting kit - very easy to do and lots of fun to be had. I'd recommend it for all those of you trying to occupy children over the Easter holidays! 

All this for only £6.98 - click on Bright Spark Toys to snap yours up now!

Disclosure: we were sent the Mould & Paint Glitter Eggs kit for the purpose of this review. All views expressed here are our own honest opinions!


  1. Replies
    1. the girls really loved them! was quite ppleased with them really - and the magnets will last AND be useful, bonus!!

    2. yes, the girls loved them. and the magnets will last AND be useful - bonus!!

  2. You're very brave letting children loose with paint in school uniform! We did a similar craft but you couldn't see the kitchen for newspaper before I let mine even open the box!

    1. Ah, it was the last day of term, I had lots of time to get them clean :)


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