Friday, 18 May 2012

Shoulder Buddies review.

Tamsin was very excited when the latest 'Shoulder Buddies' collectible toy arrived in the post.

Right up her street, it's a small plastic toy with supersoft long hair which can be styled in all sorts of different ways. Her version is called Stormy and is red with black hair, but there are 8 different versions, including a super pink one for all those girlie girls!

There is a website to link to: where you can view all the other items in the range. Each one is supposed to come with different 'SMART' tips for children - so Stormy supposedly has tips on how to stay safe in stormy weather.... not sure if that was in the packaging but I haven't seen them myself and they're not listed on the website, so can't really share what they are I'm afraid! First top tip I can give you is to be there when the toy packaging is opened so you know exactly what is inside.... (can you tell I was doing the laundry?!). 

The idea is that these little 'friends' can sit on your shoulder (OK, so maybe not all day long, not really sure the teachers would go for it...) by using the little magnetic disk to sit underneath the clothes and the toy then magically 'attaches' on top.

In all honesty, the magnetic disk was lost on day 2, and was probably thrown out by an obsessively tidy husband who had no idea what its purpose was, not having seen the toy in the first place. Tamsin managed to improvise with a fridge magnet anyhow, and made Stormy sit in her pocket on her chest rather than her shoulder!

That said, it doesn't really affect the appeal of the toy. It's more about the fact that they are collectible and cute. From a parent's perspective, they don't take up much space so I'm all for that...! They retail at around £5.99 so good price point for gifting.

We were sent the above toy for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the views expressed here are our own.

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