Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Make your own Felt Art Frame Review

So, along came Mr.Postie again, with a small but cute and colourful box. What could be inside we wondered?

Not a lot was the answer.

The contents were craft materials to make two small picture frames. Pre-cut felt pieces (which just need pushing out, although this proved to be a little difficult for my tired 7 year old...), the cardboard stands and some pre-cut double sided sticky tape strips. Oh and a sachet of glue.

The glue just needed the corner snipping and was 'good to go', but we felt this may have been easier for a little one to control in some type of tube (although admittedly they are all too often too hard to squeeze....). The little felt pieces were somewhat fiddly and didn't always stick down when we wanted them to, but it was a bonus that they were pre-cut, and in the right shapes so that the design on the box could be followed. (One top tip: don't throw away the box after emptying as the instructions are on the back...).

An hour later (with tea in between - to be honest the kit could be done in 10 minutes) and we had our finished product. Now to find some suitable photo to put in and I'm sure big girl will be thrilled in the morning.

Normally I love the Great Gizmos craft kits and they are well worth having (we've done some fab Mould & Paint kits before and I like the sound of Paint your own Mini Plates kit), but I'd have to admit that this one was not our favourite. However an older child may enjoy the achievement of doing this all themselves....

We were sent the above kit for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the views expressed here are our own.


  1. Craft kits are always hard aren't they, part of me thinks its best just to make things yourself!

  2. Nicer in a way too, to let the kids' imagination run free!! Having said that, I'm not the most creative, so the kit do help sometimes :)


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