Saturday, 18 May 2013

Aquarelle Watercolour Paint Set Review - Superb!

Recently we were sent a fantastic new product to review - the Aquarelle Watercolour painting set by Ravensburger.

Inside the box were three different fairy pictures on watercolour card, a double-ended paintbrush, five mini bottles of paint, a mixing/palette tray and a pipette for the water. Also included was an instruction book which gave great detail about watercolour painting.

The pictures have special water repellent outlines on them which meant it was very easy to colour in small details, and the finished result was amazing. Tamsin absolutely loved this product and took great care with it. 

The box suggests it's aimed at girls aged 8-13, but I think it'd be fine for younger ones too (they'd probably just need watching with squeezing the paint drops out!).Also available in horses and dolphins designs, and I even think that boys may like the Safari version!

These retail at £9.99 which I think is a great price point for a gift - and I'm very tempted to try the slightly larger World Cities version myself!

We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the views expressed here are our own.


  1. That looks lovely, sounds like a great product. And a lovely way for a little girl to wile away some tiime. While getting a little fine motor OT!

    xx Jazzy

    1. Exactly! Just perfect for our house. They definitely have a repeat customer here :) x


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