Thursday, 9 January 2014

Woolly and Tig App: Review

Sasha loves the CBeebies programme Woolly and Tig. So much so, that Tamsin's Christmas present to Sasha this year was the cuddly Woolly Toy, which Sasha was SO pleased to receive!

Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, Tig is a little girl, and Woolly is her friend - a very colourful spider. 
Just recently, a new app has been introduced with this loveable spider in. It aims to help children with some simple tasks as well as providing entertainment.
The app has some great features; the one that Sasha loved the most is the free play section, where you can stroke Woolly to sleep, or tickle or hug him. You can also make him tumble across the screen or do counting - a favourite for Sasha.
Then there are some structured mini games such as teeth brushing, face washing, or getting Woolly dressed up in the right clothes for either sun or snow.
Sasha also loved being able to build a snowman, and has revisited that bit several times!
There's a hidden parent mode where you can set a reminder for your child, as if Woolly is talking, to let them know when it's time to do simple everyday tasks like getting dressed or brushing teeth. We haven't really played with this, because, if I'm honest, I'm just not that organised. I also wondered if it might freak her out a little, or if she might believe that it was Woolly 'talking' too much, and I'm not a big fan of those kind of lies (I mean, Santa just about gets away with it....). However I think for some children younger than Sasha it could work wonders!

The app is £2.99 from the App Store and I think it's perfect for pre-schoolers who may need some gentle encouragement to do those 'boring' everyday tasks.

Disclaimer: we were given a copy of this for free, to trial and review for the makers. All views are our own.


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