Friday 21 February 2014

Siblings {February} and a Purple Party

So, better late than never I always say, here is my entry into the Siblings photo linky for the month of February. 
Stephs Two Girls

The idea from the lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy, is that you take a photo of your siblings, preferably together, every month this year.

My January Siblings post was a collage of the girls at bedtime, and in that I explained that for us, one photo will never do. True to form, we had the same experience this month.

'Smile!' I say excitedly for the first one. 
Then 'no, look at the camera', I ask Sasha nicely. 
'Tamsin, keep looking at the camera please so I can catch one of you both, don't watch Sasha'. 
Bit more agitatedly now 'no, no funny faces thank you!' 
followed by 'both of you keep looking this way, and stand still!'. 
Finally, almost menacingly, 'we're going to be here until I can get at least one decent photo. If you don't stop messing around, we could be here all day!'
Stephs Two Girls Siblings Collage Feb
I wonder if it'll ever be just one picture. Twelve seems to be the average (after deleting the blurred ones). It's true to say I do love a good collage though

This was the day we had a small 'purple party' for Sasha. Purple balloons, purple plates, purple cups, purple paint, purple food (that last one is tricky, particularly for a girl with autism who is fussy about food).

She's been asking for one for about 4 months (even though her birthday is nowhere near yet!). The desire for this came from a Barney episode where he has a purple party to help a young girl with half an arm make friends. Not too sure how politically correct that is, but the party is what seems to have grabbed Sasha's attention. She has however also wistfully proclaimed a couple of times 'mummy, I wish I had one short arm'. That's a tough one to have to try and explain...


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