Friday 11 April 2014

Siblings {April}, #CountryKids and Linkys or Linkies?

Too many Linkys (or is it Linkies?!), too little time.

For my non-blogging readers, a linky is a post where the writer suggests a theme and invites others to write posts based on that theme. All posts are then 'linked up' in a wonderful technological way and shared so others can enjoy reading about them too.

In the great big Blog-o-sphere, there are literally hundreds of these Linkys now. Today I need to do one super-duper-lots-rolled-into-one Linky post. I'm very much hoping that is not frowned upon by the Community, and that no-one is affronted or feels left out... but I only have limited time, so I'm sorry but love it or leave it will have to be my motto for you today!

My post is all about the fab day out we had yesterday at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

My favourite Linky this year is the Siblings linky, which involves taking a photo of your siblings on the 10th of every month for a whole year, to document their relationship with each other. Here's my shot for April - the girls trying to stand taller than the #orbittower:
dear beautiful
I figured that despite being based pretty much in Inner City London, this post can fit into the wonderful #CountryKids linky, as the main thrust of that is to spend time outdoors with your children, and that we certainly did. Fresh air galore, with playgrounds and sandpits and views across all of London thrown in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 
I think our day also sits under the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky, as Sasha ordered and ate her very first shop bought '99'. Ice cream is a very recent achievement for a girl who no longer likes to try new foods - it may seem like a funny achievement to you but it brought a lot of happiness to me!

Ethans Escapades
Hence this post also fitting into Reasons To Be Cheerful (technically a Blog Hop rather than a Linky, but love them all the same) held over at Lakes Single Mum's blog and co-hosted by Ojo's World. I'm cheerful that Sasha tried something new, that I got to spend time with my lovely parents, that it was a pretty well-balanced family day out (with the sad omission of Mr C who had to be at work) and that the weather was just perfect for it.
Ojos World

Finally for now I'm also going to try and add this to the wonderful #PoCoLo linky this weekend, run by the fabulous Vic from VeViVos. I'd definitely appreciate a little comment love and will return the favour I promise!

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