Monday 11 August 2014

Siblings {August}

Okay, it's here, only a day late this time.... my monthly effort at a photo of my two girls to join in with the fab Siblings linky.

Siblings {August}
I grabbed them at a quiet time, middle of the day, both in good moods - so no pain, but lots of snaps to try and get the holy grail perfect one as usual! The above is the one I'm sticking with for this month (you'll find the out-takes below as usual).

I also realised that we have more siblings in house now, so I thought it only right that they should join in too - so here you go, welcome to Stampy and Lotus, now 4 months old!

Stampy and Lotus have used up quite a lot of my camera clicks in the 2 months they've been with us, so I'm sure you will see a blog post all about them sometime soon. In the meantime, they do have their own Facebook page now - so for more cute pics, click on Stampy Kitten! As I'm so nice though, I will treat you to a teeny tiny extra kitten picture or two....

The girls are still cute though, right?!