Monday 15 September 2014

{Siblings} in September

OK, so this time I am super-duper late and it's nothing to be proud of. I'm catching up on lots of things after Back To School though, so do bear with me.

Siblings is the chance to capture your children together once a month and see how they are changing over the year. I love this idea so much that I may just carry it on forever!

I'd like to say that this month I managed to take just one photo of the two of them together smiling happily... but I can't. On our way out of the door to school this morning, school photo day (ha! I know what those photographers have coming, times 240, so I'd like to offer them some headache pills right now). Sasha was being slightly hyper and Tamsin grumpy, so no change from usual there.

It's the usual collage from me and actually it makes me smile to see all the photos, good and bad, so I'm making no apology for it this time!

If you'd like to check out all the other gorgeous families linking up, please do pop over to the fab Manneskjur blog this month.

dear beautiful