Saturday 10 January 2015

Siblings {January 2015}

The first 10th of the year and so my first Siblings post of the year - I did tell you this is one linky I won't be able to give up! Not promising I'll be on time every week though...

I had intended to get a great snap just before we went swimming this afternoon, but sadly got carried away with the excitement of trying out my new goggles and forgot. 

So once back home I had the usual fun and games trying to get a decent shot of the two girls together, and rather typically I think this pic below would have been the best one...  if it wasn't so damn blurry! Need a bit more practise with my new camera, methinks.

So here's a couple more - the girls chilling on the sofa after their swim, and then bedtime as they have yet another 'sleepover' downstairs in the playroom. Think it's quite sweet that this is turning into a regular weekend thing - am sure it won't last much longer as Tilly starts to crave her privacy, but for now I love to see them snuggled happily together.

I am linking up with the Siblings photo linky which is running on the 15th of every month this year, on six different blogs!

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