Thursday 20 August 2015

Siblings {August}

We've been slightly too busy this month for me to snap a shot of just my two girls together, so instead I'm stretching the theme slightly - to Siblings and Cousins. After all, the cousins are siblings too!

We've been really lucky to spend two lots of time with my eldest brother's children this month - once when they visited us down here, and once when we all went back to visit my parents, in my old hoemtown where I grew up. I love that place so much - but more on that another time. The siblings and cousins had so much fun together and got on so well, despite only seeing each other once a year or so. I do think that blood bonds can be quite amazing. So anyhow here's a handful of pics of them all together. We also had the great news that my younger brother has now adopted a little boy, so another cousin to be added to the mix, yay!

dear beautiful