Thursday 22 October 2015

Siblings {September} and {October}

The fact I didn't get around to joining in with the Siblings linky for the past two months has been hanging over me like a dark Halloween shadow, so I finally decided I should just dump a couple of pictures of the girls from the last 2 months and run to ease my conscience.

It's rare to get one pic that looks amazing anyway, so I'm just picking a couple that will remind us what we got up to in September and October.... not that we could forget the pretty momentous house move! The above has to be the defining one for September, first month in the new place and the girls finding the new doorbell hilarious (yes, it has worn off by now).

October was quite up and down, but we did manage a fun family sports day in the garden - girls dressed appropriately for the weather as always, of course:

And also in October, a trip to our favourite place (Center Parcs), where the girls did scooting, skating, swimming and scaling the heights of the indoor climbing wall!

dear beautiful