Thursday, 17 December 2015

How to keep the children busy - Animal Jam review

If you're wondering how on earth you are going to get the wrapping done, especially if, like mine, your children are a little older and go to bed later now, then why don't you let them loose on the latest online game, Animal Jam (! I can pretty much guarantee they'll be so oblivious to everything for a while, that you could almost wrap under their noses.

So what is Animal Jam? Well it's an online world, where you can choose your own animal character (a seal, in our case) and then customise their den. According to our eldest girl, who loves animals and is hooked, you 'play mini games so you can earn gems. Then you buy furniture for the den with the gems you've collected, and you can also buy clothes and pets for the animals'. Children are encouraged to explore and protect the natural world, and they collect fun facts and learn about animal conservation as they go. The game was made in conjunction with National Geographic, so as you'd expect from a well-respected name, it is packed with educational videos to keep your children learning as they play - it's a win-win situation!

Your child can chat to other players, but parents retain as much control as they like - a lot of thought has been put into the safety aspects of this online game. It is free to play but if you purchase membership a lot more benefits are unlocked. There's also an App version called Play Wild! which is worth considering too.

Disclosure: we received a goody bag and free membership for a week in order to trial this product. All views and opinions given here are our own.