Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Teletubbies Toys Review

You're never too old for Teletubbies... honestly, I think I was as excited as the girls when I heard that Character Options were releasing new Teletubbies toys!

Amazingly, it's been 18 years since the last lot of Teletubbies toys were released (we still have quite a few of those!) and I'm sure the new ones will be loved every bit as much.

In our box we had a variety of items to test; three soft plush toys and three hard plastic ones.

The smallest 6 inch plush toys (RRP £6.99) are supersoft and just the right size for little ones to grab. Just because I can, I'm showing you the difference between old and new Dipsy - what sticks out most for me is the change in eyes! The new one is slightly bigger and the faces are now flocked and soft to touch.

Then we had two larger talking soft toys to cuddle, RRP £9.99 (Po and Laa-Laa for us). Again, these are supersoft all over, and when you press the tummy they have a variety of phrases to say randomly, including the famous 'eh-oh', 'Po' or 'Laa-Laa', 'again again' and plenty of giggles.

There are mini collectables with a good RRP of £3.99 (I've already been told we have to have the full set) which are small hard plastic characters holding their favourite item (so in our case Tinky-Winky has the red handbag, Po has her scooter etc). There's also a Noo-Noo in this range, my own personal favourite...

The Tickle and Glow Po (RRP £14.99) has poseable arms which adds to the play value. It took us a moment or two to work out that you tickle (or press) its chest rather than the tummy panel to elicit a giggle, and then the tummy panel lights up. Apart from the giggle, the same phrases as per the talking soft toys will come out randomly to keep you on your toes, and if left alone for a while Po can surprise you by calling out (unless you use the 'off' button).

The Tubby Phone (RRP £9.99) also has light and sound effects; four coloured buttons along the bottom which will light up the corresponding Teletubby on screen when pressed. The screen is mirrored, which will entertain for hours!
On the first press the phone rings and the voice says 'eh-oh', then press again and it says 'hello Po' (or whichever character), third press says 'hello Teletubbies' and fourth gives a 'Tubby phone party' plus a little tune. If you leave the phone alone for a while it will ring and flash up all four character pics individually to grab the child's attention. As with the Tickle and Glow Po, this toy has an on/off switch which is always a bonus to save batteries/your sanity.

So that's the fab new toys we got to see and I'm sure they will be a big hit with many. There are more options over on the Character website - I love the look of the Drive and Steer Noo-Noo!

There will be a Twitter frenzy on Wednesday 20th January at 1pm using the hashtag #TeletubbiesToys and if you're a Teletubbies fan I'm sure it will be worth your while joining in!

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review. All the views expressed here are our own.