Friday, 26 February 2016

House Renovation 2016 - Part 3

This week's update is probably only partially more exciting than watching paint dry... but for us it's a record of the start of a long period of work, so it is important.

I loved the fact that the girls came over and helped a bit this time. Sasha really likes the wallpaper stripping - I think she finds it quite therapeutic, like I do. Tamsin's more keen on just enjoying the space in our new house to dance around in... but that's fine by me too.

At the end of this video I think I sound pretty shattered - proof that I did put some hard work in, even if it doesn't seem very much in the grand scheme of things! We're back again to do more work this weekend (and every weekend for the next 9 months I reckon) so I think I'll do a bit more playing around with the timelapse video thing. I'm actually quite pleased I'm gaining video editing skills as we go along too - hopefully you'll start to see some improvements there.

Pretty soon I'll try and share with you some ideas of what our plans for this place are. There's a whole story in that though, it may not be a short video....!

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