Thursday, 18 February 2016

Steph's Two Girls modelling dresses by Joules (Review)

Quality clothing brand Joules recently approached us to ask if we'd like to review two dresses for the girls from their new Spring collection, and I thought it'd be a great idea. The girls thought that a spot of modelling at home could be fun, and indeed it was.

See, modelling can be fun!
Due to sensory issues, Sasha very rarely wears anything other than short-sleeved soft jersey dresses. I've always been amazed that she's agreed to wear school uniform in winter (summer dresses come back out around the beginning of March and last until November for us) but she shrugs the uniform quickly off every day, the second she walks back in the door after school. She has a very high body temperature, so long sleeves are a no-no, and she is aware of every stitch and seam so embellishments, or lace, or embroidery etc are generally forbidden. As she grows so quickly, and lots of dresses shrink too much in the wash (grrr), I feel like I'm forever on the hunt for the next size dresses across all the street shops and supermarkets. There are so many I have to discount due to fancy bits and textured fabric etc that it can get quite disheartening.

So we took a look at the new Spring dresses by Joules and were pleased to see short sleeved jersey dresses in the mix. We chose the Lara dresses in a blue stripe and multi colour stripe. I knew even before they arrived that they'd be great quality, and they were - I think you can tell that from this close up:

The dresses are 100% cotton, and a lovely heavy weight which means they hang well, and will also wash and wear well. You may have spotted that there is indeed a pretty petal embellishment, but these are stitched in very carefully with soft thread and don't cause any itching on the inside, so they're a winner in our book. They have capped sleeves and a cute little hare embroidered at the bottom of the skirt (it's chest areas which are mostly a problem as they touch the skin).

Sizing is always tricky online, I find, but most places these days will exchange without much fuss. My girls are aged 10 and 8, but both are tall and Sasha has been wearing clothing for ages two sizes above her for some time. So we chose age 9-10, wondering if they might be too small, but found them to be a pretty good fit - maybe even slightly on the large size, which means they will last longer, hooray!

Tamsin isn't really a fan of dresses any more; she also frequently struggles with clothes not feeling 'right' and prefers to live in T-shirts and leggings now. I do miss the girlie days when they both used to wear a nice frock (any excuse to include an old photo):

Both girls loved their Joules dresses and I know I'll be checking the site again myself in the future for any more new releases.

You do know that I can never take just one photo though, right? So here's a handful more which hopefully show just how much fun we had today....

Steph's Two Girls model Joules dresses... with style!

Disclosure: We were sent the above dresses for the purpose of this review, but have not received payment. All the pictures and opinions expressed here are our own.