Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Siblings at Center Parcs ~ April 2016

So this is where our siblings were on the 15th of the month of April this year - at our favourite place to holiday, Center Parcs!

It's only ever a short Friday afternoon to Sunday weekend away for us, but we've been to three different Center Parcs for six years running now because we always know we are going to have a fab experience. This trip we went to Elveden Forest, and my parents joined us there for their first ever visit to any Center Parcs. I think they were impressed; it was a brilliant weekend for us, as always, and lovely to share it with family.

One of the main reasons we choose to return regularly is because Center Parcs is a familiar place for Sasha, and she knows what to expect when we get there - oh, and because she loves swimming. The Subtropical Paradise is where we head every day when we're away, and we spend three or four hours at a time in the amazing water facilities.

Over the years, Sasha has progressed from not wanting to put her face in the water to her first ever full trip down the Rapids during this most recent trip. Lots of small steps have definitely led to an amazing achievement, and a girl who is very confident in the water. Sasha even had a go on one of the small slides there, so who knows, she may eventually decide to try the bigger ones in the coming years. The Rapids were definitely her favourite this time though and I reckon we must have been down them more than 50 times over the course of the weekend!

Elveden Forest
Sasha coming down the rapids and Daddy and Tamsin on the fast white slide at Elveden Forest
Our eldest loves the water too of course, and it's a case of the more slides the merrier for her. Elveden Forest has our favourite waterslide - the Tropical Cyclone. Sitting in a raft, you set off sedately down a huge chute until you swirl into a vortex and then drop down a 45 degree slide. I'm very proud to say that my parents very bravely gave this ride a whirl with us, and they also tumbled their way down the rapids more than once. I think they deserve a medal too!

There is so much to do when you're at Center Parcs - we chose roller skating this time, but have done everything from tree trekking to climbing to sailing before now. There are great restaurants, and plenty of outdoor play areas, which we really enjoyed:

Elveden Forest

Plus there's the gorgeous spa of course.... and I can't not mention the wildlife. We were visited by squirrels, ducks, rabbits and even a very tame deer who wasn't even scared off when we opened the door.

Elveden Forest

Even the rain on the first day couldn't dampen our spirits. We love Center Parcs (and no, I'm not being paid to say that!).

Elveden Forest

Elveden Forest

Elveden Forest


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