Friday, 3 June 2016

Num Noms: Review

A little while back, just before our recent drama, we were sent a package of Num Noms to review.

Stephs Two Girls

Both my girls had heard of Num Noms long before me, thanks to the wonders of YouTube and 'unboxing' videos. Eldest daughter had great fun producing her own unboxing video (although lucky me, I got to edit the full 18 minutes down to 5....), so of course I'm going to share that here:

Num Noms are a new cute collectible craze following hot on the heels of Shopkins. They are scented, mini food dishes to play with - ice creams, cupcakes, waffles and various other food items. The Noms are hard, base characters in the form of either a mini motorised item or a lip gloss case, and the Nums are soft, squishy shells which stack on top of the bases. In the sets you also get accessories such as various ice cream dishes, cones or scoops.

The idea is that you mix and match them to create your own delicious treats; the website offers lots of inspiration with recipe ideas. They are now on series 2 and apparently there are over 5,000 combinations!

Stephs Two Girls

The motorised Noms are actually quite amusing as they roam the floor in a haphazard fashion. Tamsin loved the scents of these items and thought they were all very cute looking.

Stephs Two GirlsThe starter set we were sent retails at around £8.99, and the 'blind bag' idea has been cleverly turned into a yoghurt carton for this range - they retail at around £2.99. There are deluxe packs including 6 with an accessory for around £14.99 and playsets at £24.99. Beware, these Num Noms are highly collectible; once you start, you just can't stop! On the plus side, at least half of them don't hurt your feet if you tread on them at least...

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review. All the views expressed here are our own.