Sunday 19 June 2016

Siblings ~ June 2016

It has been a very busy couple of months for us; roll on the summer holidays! I can't let the month go by without my usual siblings update though. I love the fact that I can document here the changes in my girls over the years, and there's usually more than one photo of the two of them together that I can choose from every month.

This time, I seem to have 'lost' some photos which were taken on the actual day (it's the 15th of every month). I'm living in hope that I'll somehow find them again, but in the meantime I'm going to use a couple of others: first, a photo taken today on Father's Day, so it includes their Father which is quite fitting I guess! We were over at our new house, having loads of fun in the garden with some water balloons....

The other one I'll use is one which cheered me up massively when Sasha and I were stuck in hospital. Sasha was obviously missing her big sister lots, and each time Tamsin came in to visit it was lovely to see them close together:

Oh, and see now I've started, I just can't stop. There have been lots of happy sisterly times since we came back from hospital, so here's a few more:

That's all for this month folks, I'm already looking forward to next month's!

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