Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bunch O Balloons (Review)

It can be a challenge for us to find activities that the whole family can join in together, but I'm pleased to say that the Bunch O Balloons we were sent to review was a huge success on that front!

We had a day of lovely weather (feels like months ago already) so we took to our new garden with our new toy. We'd never tried it before, so were intrigued to see how it worked.

Tamsin took charge and got all that we needed ready - a bucket and a hose. Yep, that simple.
The pack contains three plastic sticks, and each of those has a group of 37 balloons at the bottom. So you actually get 111 balloons, rather than the advertised 100, which allows for a handful of balloons which may not fill properly.

You simply attach the connector to the end of your garden hose, make sure you have a bucket to catch the balloons in, then turn on the tap. Watch the balloons as they fill up and expand, then once they get to a certain size they start to detach from the sticks themselves, or you can pull the attachment up quickly to disconnect them (there's a clever clip locking system which you can see in their online video on their website).

Battle commenced, with Dad being the main target of course. Grandparents were let off lightly this time I'd say! Some of the balloons didn't burst on impact, which meant twice the fun... although if you're standing a bit too close they can actually hurt, so beware of over-zealous players.

One worry I had was about the burst balloons lying around afterwards. However, I can confirm that they are biodegradable so you can put your feet up after the battle. Of course my girls loved the pinks and purples, but these do come in a variety of colours and the packaging is transparent so you can choose your own.

These packs are available online or in all good stores. For more information, check out the website

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review. All the views expressed here are our own.