Monday 15 August 2016

Siblings ~ August 2016

What a day for it to be Siblings linky day - and yay, I'm posting on the right day of the month for once!
Steph's Two Girls :)
It's been a struggle to get Sasha to leave the house over the last few days - although she's struggling to express herself at all of late, I think it's the impending house move which is causing a fair bit of anxiety.

So anyway we decided to stay in, but I enticed her into the garden with one of her favourite things - water! Both girls always love a splash around in a pool so this was just the ticket on a hot day like today. I even joined them in my costume, but got as far as putting a toe in the water before I retreated - it was freezing! Didn't stop them slipping and sliding and playing around though, and even if only for a short time, it's always worth it to see the smiles on their faces. Here's some more of the action shots:

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