Monday, 12 September 2016

House Renovation 2016 - Part 7

Sitting here wondering what number I'll get up to with my house renovation updates by the time we move in... this process has been so long already! Anyway I definitely thought it was time to show all you nosey people a bit more.

This is not much to do with the 'new new' house to be honest, but we have now moved into a new rental house. Lovely house, but it was quite a painful process, especially for Sasha this time around. She seemed quite unsettled for a while, but I guess it could have been much worse. Luckily she has understood why all this is necessary and she still has her eye on the end game - she told us all yesterday that she wants to see the house when it's 90% complete, and move in when it's 99% complete. We're thinking it may need to be sooner than that, to combat the current triple payments or rent, mortgage AND builder..

The short video below shows the girls enjoying the house as it was at the end of August and then again a couple of weeks later, this last weekend.

So much has happened in a short space of time since the builder first started 4 weeks ago. I remember this from our last extension - brickwork always flies up but then usually there's a period where it doesn't look like much is progressing. Think it'll be a while before we get to that stage though, as we already know that the next step at ours in the next couple of weeks will be scaffolding going up. That's to help give the house a whole new roof; I definitely think we'll notice that change!

Here's a photo slideshow of all the changes over the last month.... we've enjoyed watching the progress from afar!

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