Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gel-a-Peel Design set (Review)

Sorry to use that C-word already, but as we are now on the run up to Christmas (61 sleeps), we will be bringing you a few gift ideas in the coming weeks - Gel-A-Peel is our first one.

Gel-a-peel design set

Tamsin tried this set out last week and I can confirm it kept her occupied for a good couple of hours. The kit contains 3 tubes of different colour gels, five designer tips, a tool to help clean and design, 16 different template designs, 2 hair clips and 2 earrings. Ours was the Sparkle kit with pinks and purples, but you can also get a neon version.

contents of gel-a-peel design set

The idea is that you squeeze the gel out onto the lines given on the templates to create all sorts of fashion accessories, from bracelets to earrings, brooches and hair clips. Or you can use the gels for any sort of general designs, the options are endless! Tamsin ended up with the following, with more gel left for another time:

Finished accessories from gel-a-peel design set

This is definitely a kit for those who like concentrating; you need to have quite a steady hand to do any sort of intricate design - although the designer nozzles do help a lot, and you can create star shapes or wavy designs quite easily for example. Practise makes perfect - the more you do it, the easier it gets. Patience is needed at the end too, as it can take several hours for a bracelet design to dry and be usable. Leaving overnight is probably preferable.

There is a sheet of acetate included to create your designs on, but Tamsin found this not so helpful as it had been folded in two and so wouldn't lie flat. Apparently if we'd have run it under warm water it would have recovered...She managed to improvise quite easily with a plastic food bag which did the job just as well.

These kits retail at around £14.99 which I feel is quite a fair price point, but my bargain hunter brain tells me you could look out for them in all the sales/offers which usually happen in the run up to Christmas... For lots of great design ideas, you can visit www.gel-a-peel.com.

Disclosure: we were sent this product for the purpose of this review; all thoughts and opinions are our own and we have retained full editorial control.