Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Kidtropolis (Review)

As it's half term, I decided I should definitely try and persuade the girls that there's a whole exciting world outside our house, and so we headed off to Kidtropolis. It's fair to say that I had some misgivings about trying to attend such a big event with Sasha, but we had seen that the My Little Pony Friendship bus was going to be there and figured it was worth checking out.

The Kidtropolis event was held at London Excel - so the space was a very large exhibition hall. Their website will tell you the kind of activities going on - so much, from gaming stations to a rollerskate area, obstacle course, YouTuber shows, inflatable helter skelter, mini crazy golf, climbing wall and plenty of smaller toy stands with activities on.

Much to choose from you would think, but it appeared that the queues for the most fun things were so long that there were more children with long faces that happy ones... or maybe that was just the parents?!

 We wanted to go on the My Little Pony bus first but by the time we had got in through the door at five past two there was already a VERY long queue. I'm guessing they underestimated how many MLP fans there are out there! So we snapped a quick shot and decided to move on, right to the back of the hall where it would be quieter. That was where the Minecraft computers were - probably around 30 stations, but only 1 free as we walked up. We quickly spotted the Gamer Bus right next to that though, and as it appeared to have a short queue we thought we'd check it out. We must have made it there at the right time, as we only had to wait about 10 minutes before we were let on to explore the bus - the fact that there were support guys there keeping everyone informed about what would happen really helped. So the girls played Minecraft in there (honestly, it's not like they can't play it at home!!) and enjoyed it for 15-20 minutes.

  As we came out of the bus, there was a much bigger queue waiting to get on. We carried on walking round the hall and passed the stage at the back where some famous YouTuber was answering questions - on a very loud PA. There was also loud music playing for the roller disco. So it was at this point that Sasha decided she had had enough. We carried on walking round but she was really struggling with the noise - Tamsin would have loved to stay longer, and I'm sure if we'd made it to later in the day the queue for the MLP bus would have died down, but sadly too late for us.

Still. I made it out of the house with the girls, proved to them that there is a world outside these four walls, and reminded myself that big events are not a good idea for our youngest girl. For once, I don't think Tamsin would have missed out on much by not going.

Disclosure: we were gifted entry in exchange for a blog review. In all honesty I'm glad we didn't have to pay the price of entry, as for the little under an hour we were there it would definitely not have been good value! I do know of others who went and had a great day though, so, as with most things, it's worth trying and making your own mind up...