Sunday 16 October 2016

Siblings ~ October 2016

This month's Siblings photo is another quick snap - nearly the end of another year and I still haven't found the time to hone my photography skills... maybe in 2017 you'll see a vast improvement!

Steph's Two Girls Siblings October 2016

Eldest girl went on her first secondary school trip away this weekend - was just Friday morning to Saturday night, so only one night away. She had an amazing time, doing zip wires, abseiling, nightline, 3G swings and the like, but of course we all missed her. It was lovely to see the girls back together again and squashing each other laughing like only siblings can.

While we're on the siblings subject, I'm going to throw in an extra pic or two, as today is my younger brother's 40th birthday. So here's some oldies of us together (with my older brother) for you all to coo at....

The Me and Mine Project

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