Thursday, 17 November 2016

Num Noms #minichefs (Review)

My girls are big Num Noms fans - we've written about them before, earlier this year. Anything cute and collectable is generally likely to be a hit around here. The girls were of course delighted to hear that there are new Num Noms out now - and this time the new series features savoury flavours.

 We were sent the Pizza Party and Diner packs to review, and happily the girls agreed to share (what? of course that happens ALL the time in this house, ahem...).

The first new feature that the girls noticed was that these Num Noms are scented - and they do actually smell of real food, not just plastic. In the bigger pack you get 5 Nums (the toppings) as shown, plus a surprise blind bag one. Surprises are always good say the girls. Then you also get two Noms, which are the motorised bottom bases which you can pile the Nums onto! There's also a tray and spatula as accessories in the pack we got. Sasha's favourite Num was the fries of course - looks close enough to her favourite fast food option....

Num Noms diner set

Then in the smaller Pizza pack, there are three toppings to go with the tomato Nom (I'm torn between the pepperoni and the S'mores ones being my favourites) plus a pizza cutter and a takeaway pizza box.

Num Noms pizza party set

When I asked what was good about these toys apart from the fact you can build a collection, the answer was that they are squishy and they look cute and tasty. What's not to like?! (Said in a Joey from Friends accent. If you don't get that joke, watch this). So a good sensory experience and unlike some other well-known toys, not likely to cause great pain if you step on them by accident...

There are over 5000 combinations of flavours apparently, and we love how a chart is provided in every pack to give you ideas of which ones to mix and match. There's also a great website at where you can create your own recipe ideas online!

I've seen the deluxe diner set at £9.99 and the smaller pizza set for as little as £5.99 if you shop around - so great gifting price points or good stocking fillers perhaps? Definitely given the thumbs up by my girls.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review. All the views expressed here are our own. 

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