Saturday 17 December 2016

Siblings ~ December 2016

Almost the end of another year and the perfect time for my December Siblings photo:
Steph's Two Girls at Christmas
As usual, it's not a perfect stylish photographic shot, but it is a very happy memory of my two girls having fun and giggles together after a full-on couple of weeks.

I asked them to pose by the Christmas tree but Sasha can't stand still and wait; she's either seriously unhappy or giddy and silly. So of course I choose the second option every time.... and I may as well share a handful of the other 50 snaps I took, more for me and the memories than for anyone else!

Here's another siblings pic from the day before, when Sasha and I went to collect Tamsin at half-time of her school trip to the panto so we could whisk her off to star in her own Christmas show on stage:

Finally here's the round-up of our year in siblings photos. Way too much has happened for us in 2016 for me to document it all today, but visits to Center Parcs twice in lieu of our holiday that we had to cancel because Sasha was ill in hospital were a definite highlight (the trips, not the hospital stay!) and of course we've been busy with a house move and work starting on our renovation property. Never a dull moment round here!

Stephs Two Girls Siblings 2016

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