Friday, 10 February 2017

House Renovation - Part 9

House renovation is still underway - another month has flown by and each week has been crammed full of decisions for the house (alongside everything else that has been going on for the girls and us). I never knew there were so many different choices for bathroom items! 

Stephs Two Girls painting

My head is spinning from looking through too many catalogues and browsing web pages, and we still have taps and radiators to decide on. Good news though; we have finalised 'most' of the kitchen details and can happily say it's been ordered and will be fitted at some 'as-yet-to-be-determined' point in the future.

'As-yet-to-be-determined' is the cause of a tiny bit of frustration creeping in... as you'll see from the update video below, so much has happened in the house over the past few weeks, and yet it feels like there is plenty still to be done. We were hoping to move around Easter time, but our builder is refusing to be drawn on when the house might be ready for us. There's a lot of teeth sucking if we ask 'when?' but I've heard that's quite common from builders, and as we're pleased with the work done so far, we will have to let him off... for now.

Particularly happy times were had last weekend when we managed to get two little helpers in to paint the undercoat of the loft room. Despite the freezing temperatures in the house, they had a very good go at it for an hour or so before dashing out to warm up by enjoying a little made up obstacle course in the back garden. It's lovely that they are able to feel a part of the whole renovation project - though I somehow think they are happy to be ducking out of my marathon half-term painting session coming up next week.

So that's the top and first floors with windows in, walls all plastered now and ready to paint. Small matter of a delivery or two (bath, showers, toilets etc!) to manage but we are definitely getting there.. at some point!

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