Saturday 18 February 2017

Siblings {February 2017}

My two girls, just before we set out to play invisible football in the local park, in the pitch black. Two of us were actually quite scared (there are seriously no lights in there); one was adamant that invisible football was what she was going to do that evening, no matter what. As it's rare for her to leave the house without a fuss, who was I to argue?! Invisible football is not so called because it's so dark you can't see the ball... it's because there actually is no ball and we have to run up and down a pitch pretending that there is and trying to take the ball from each other and score while someone does a running commentary. Hilarious. For the first ten minutes.

The Siblings Project photo linky is usually set for the 15th of each month and I try to get as close to that date as possible. This month, though, there were other notable happenings on that date which stopped me from posting.

It was my lovely Mum's birthday that day, and it was also the day I attended the funeral of Daisy, the daughter of my blogging friend Steph who writes at Was This In The Plan. I wanted to take this opportunity to share this picture; I'm sure wonderful Daisy will be remembered by many and I'd like to send her siblings some extra special love and virtual strength.

On the 15th, my two girls were taken up to stay with their grandparents for a couple of days so that their parents could get on with the somewhat onerous task of painting the house which is being renovated. This was a picture of us all together just before they left:

I'm happy to say they are back with us now, after a fun time away, and we managed to get a fair bit of paint on walls - look out for another renovation update soon!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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