Friday, 24 March 2017

House Renovation - Part 11

Wow, who ever thought that this house renovation lark would be so much fun (she says sarcastically).

Can you tell that I'm definitely 'over' decisions now - radiators, doors, paints, handles, windows, bannisters, floors etc etc (I may have mentioned these decisions before... they seem never-ending)?! 

I know, I know, I should be super grateful, so many people don't get the chance to do any of this, and I do appreciate it, honestly I do. It's just that I am Knackered with a capital K. 

Glossing paintwork is my least favourite job ever, I've decided. The builder made a slightly cheeky comment along the lines of wanting to make sure that nobody thought it was his work... I should be happy that he takes great pride in what he does I guess. I was tempted to throw the brush at him though...

So yes, there's been a lot of painting going on from me. You can't see that much of it in this update video as I've concentrated on the big changes downstairs and in the bathroom - but trust me, the painting is good. Ish.

Just over 8 months since building work started and we are reaching the end of the project (I hope). Last six weeks, so much still to do so please keep your fingers crossed for us - we will be moving in no matter what! Both excited, and petrified, by that prospect right now...

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