Friday, 14 April 2017

House Renovation - Part 12

Here's the latest update in our home renovation saga - this video was shot nearly a week ago now though, so there have been even more changes since of course. There's one fully pink bedroom now, for starters! I won't spoil the other surprises though... 

Both girls are staying away for a couple of days with one set of lovely grandparents, which has enabled us to spend full days in the house painting and stripping and preparing and making decisions etc. Phew! Still much more to do, and now less than four weeks to do it. Yikes.

I've had to accept that we will be moving in to a building site, and whilst this won't actually bother me, of course I have concerns about how Sasha will take it. Both girls, in fact. Tamsin would love it to be perfect too - but I know she'll get over it fairly quickly. I guess I just want them both to love it and not wish we were living anywhere else... as long as we have some carpet in the bedrooms and one downstairs room (which is only looking 'possible' rather than 'definite' at the moment) then I think we'll manage.

So hang on for the bumpy ride which will be the last few weeks and look out for the next update coming soon! 

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