Tuesday, 18 April 2017

House Renovation - Part 13

House Renovation update Part 13... unlucky for some.. I was almost tempted to skip this one, as I don't think we need any more bad luck! However, I did decide to get number thirteen over and done with quickly, and it brings you all pretty much up into real time now. 

Wonder how many more updates I'll get around to giving you?! Fifteen would be a nice number, as that's one for every month we've had the keys to this house and not lived in it!

Pink ombre painted wall

So I'll start with a 'Ta-dah!' (above). What do you think of the new ombre wall? Special request from our youngest of course; she adores all things pink still whereas eldest is of course way too cool for that now. Carpet should have gone down in this room today, along with flooring in the bathroom and en-suites... I say *should* as my girls are still off school for Easter holidays so I haven't been able to get over there to check yet. Fingers crossed and all that.

Here's the video update. You can probably sense a little bit of panic creeping in at the end, as I talk about our move date. In around three weeks we will need to be living in this house, or should I say building site. Eeek! It really will be largely unfinished - at this point I already know there will be no 'proper' flooring laid downstairs, no carpet on stairs and landings, no worktops and possibly no roof for one part of the new build. Oh joy. Still, we're going, so that's that. Will make the best of it and hope that it doesn't stress our youngest girl out too much.

There are still a few decisions to make although most of them are now complete. There have been compromises along the way, and lessons learnt (she says ominously, preparing for an in-depth post at a later date), but at least some time later this year most of the pain will be over (again, crossing fingers tightly).

For anyone who uses Instagram, I've started a new account over there to show all the 'before and after' house pictures. It's called stephsrenovation and if you're interested you can follow me via this link: www.instagram.com/stephsrenovation

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