Monday 17 April 2017

Siblings {April 2017}

My two gorgeous girlies were away for the date of the usual monthly siblings feature, staying with one set of grandparents so that we could work some long hours on the new house, prepping and painting. You can read more about what we have achieved there so far in my House Renovation update.

I missed the girls masses, really don't like them being away from me even when I know they're in great hands. But the time to work on the house was much needed and appreciated, and I guess at least time apart means extra big cuddles on reunion so all is good.

So this month's Siblings photo was taken after I brought them back home on Easter Sunday. I'd set up a little hunt with rhyming clues for them before I set off early on the drive to collect them, so they loved getting straight into that when they arrived home. Since then, it's just been one huge chocolate fest (for them, not me!) and lots of chill out time. Bliss.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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