Tuesday, 2 May 2017

House Renovation - Part 14

You know, I'm really hoping that the words 'House Renovation' don't stick in my throat for the rest of my life.... can you tell things are getting a little stressful around here of late?!

So, it's M-Day minus 9 (that's Moving Day, and yes, there's only 9 days to go... eeeek!).

As you can imagine, I really haven't got any spare time to blog at all; the schedule involves full on tidying and cleaning (for those really helpful rental property viewings just to keep me on my toes) along with new house painting and ordering of new necessary items (mirrors being the latest - oh how vain are we?!), and much sorting and selling. One huge positive here - it's very satisfying finding new homes for old well loved items, especially if money changes hands. Even if you know that said money will be spent on new Skylanders to add to a collection which is already way too large and which will need a bigger room to house it.... phew.

So the photo above is a sneak preview. This bank holiday weekend we have spent plenty of time doing all of the above mentioned painting, tidying, sorting etc, and the girls have been so amazingly patient for the most part. It's a relief to have carpet in the bedrooms at least so there is somewhere for them to chill in the new house, so it feels a little more like home. I know they are excited about finally getting to move in to our new house too, but this stage seems to be taking forever and is fraught with setbacks (most of which they don't understand, thankfully).

So without further ado, I know what you'd really like to know is where we are up to with it all - and is my stress well-founded? I think you'll find the answers in my fairly short (see reasons above) video here:

Send wine! And chocolate! And a spare hanging rail or two. Maybe even a new builder, while you're at it?!

For anyone who uses Instagram, I've started a new account over there to show all the 'before and after' house pictures. It's called stephsrenovation and if you're interested you can follow me via this link: www.instagram.com/stephsrenovation

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