Wednesday, 21 June 2017

House Renovation - Parts 17 and 18

A double update on the house renovation front again this time, as I'm just not finding enough spare time to edit and upload videos as I make them. You'll see why if you watch these updates - there is just sooo much to do around here!

So we finally moved in on a Friday just over four weeks ago and it's fair to say the house wasn't quite ready for us. It's still not. But we're here anyway, and on the plus side we don't have to drive backwards and forwards between here and the rental any more!

We did what felt like a lot of decorating before moving in, but there is plenty more to do now. So excuse us as we live with pine skirting boards and random bits of carpet as runners for now... it's our home and we love it.

The kitchen is my happy place now, the place where I always knew I'd spend a lot of time. Of course I'd be a whole lot happier if I could just get it tidy but right now I'm not quite winning that battle. Keeping my fingers crossed that the builders find some renewed energy and get everything finished off for us very soon so that I can finally put things away in their proper resting places.

So anyhow here is update part 17, taken a couple of weeks ago just after the kitchen floor was fitted but before the playroom carpet went down:

And here is part 18, taken last Friday, by which point the whole house seemed to look even more like a tip than before! I'm only showing you downstairs; of course upstairs is immaculate, ahem....

Don't hold your breath for the perfect final house tour folks; I have a feeling it could be a long time in preparation!

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