Monday 17 July 2017

Siblings {July 2017}

Wow, another month has flashed by and time for the Siblings photo has come round again!
Stephs Two Girls by front door

I love this photo even though it's pretty rubbish in terms of showing off my skills (one day I'll make it onto that photography course, promise....).

There are the usual 20 photos preceeding this one, where one or other (but mostly Sasha, I'll be honest) of the girls was pulling a face or moving too quickly for the photo. Tamsin has now cottoned on to the fact that the sooner they both look at the camera and smile, the sooner I'll stop taking photos... she's not daft, my oldest girl. This time, she promised Sasha that they could play on Minecraft together if Sasha would just pose for a 'nice' photo, so I snapped a few more 'fixed pose' ones before Sasha spontaneously reached to hug big Sis. 

The main photo 'warms the cockles of my heart' - definitely makes this parenting lark all worthwhile. They had already been playing beautifully together in the park shortly before this - swings and roundabout, reminded me of their early childhood!

Another busy month with house renovation and school events galore - we're all looking forward to the summer holidays now and some time to relax!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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