Thursday 15 February 2018

Siblings {February 2018}

Siblings time again, and I was pretty chuffed to snap a happy photo this month, especially given that we were out in a shoe shop at the time!
Stephs Two Girls Siblings February 2018

Of course there were the usual 20 photos with funny faces too, but it's always a happy moment for me when I get one of both of them smiling together.

We were out to get Sasha's feet measured for new school shoes (yay! Let's hope she gets good use out of them...) and had a slightly bizarre experience in Clarks. We'd booked an appointment this time rather than just drop in, as Sasha struggles so much with having to wait, and we were expecting it to be super busy as it was half term. 

The guy who came to measure Sasha's feet had also measured Tamsin's the week before when I happened to be out with her and not Sasha. Both my girls have always had super narrow feet as they've grown up (a C fitting), and as he used the machine to measure them, the results showed up as a C for them again. However, the guy measuring said, both times, 'oh no, that won't be right, they'll be an E or an F fitting'?! Is it just me who finds that a little strange?!

This morning I had a heartwarming moment; bear with me as I try to explain, the beginning is slightly complicated..

Sasha likes to play a game on her DS called Tomodachi Life. In this, the characters can form families and go on to have babies. A few weeks ago Sasha named one of her characters Tamsin (!) and that character went on to get married. There's been much excitement today as Tamsin went on to have a baby! The character Tamsin, I mean, not the real Tamsin. Phew. Are you keeping up?!

Anyhow in a cute conversation I overheard Tamsin asking Sasha if she would like to be this baby's Aunt or Auntie. About ten minutes later, after (real) Tamsin had gone on to do something else, Sasha came out to me in the kitchen and told me that their conversation had made her start thinking about the future.

'I don't want Tamsin to live far away from me when I'm older Mum, definitely not an hour's drive away or more. I'd like us to live near, might not be able to be walk to each others but it'd be only a short drive.'

Then she went on to add 'I'd love us to live in a big house together really but I guess we'll have to see. Together forever!'

I mean, I know Tamsin loves her little sister really, but Sasha might want to wait until she's made it through the teen years before she suggests this to Tamsin, if she wants a positive response....!

Here's this month's out-takes:
Stephs Two Girls Siblings outtakes Feb 18

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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