Monday 16 April 2018

Siblings {April 2018}

The Easter holidays have come to an end and despite the rubbish weather, our siblings have had much fun together.

Sadly I don't have any great photos to show for it; our eldest arrived back from a four day school trip to France last night and I was hoping to snap a pic of the two girls together then, but sadly tiredness and travel sickness meant that eldest wasn't up to it. There was a lovely heart-warming moment as Sasha told her how much she had missed her though.

Stephs Two Girls with duvets

Earlier in the holidays, we had lovely friends to stay a couple of nights and the girls shared a bedroom. Once the visitors had gone, the girls chose to carry on keeping each other company at night-time, and they invented a new game which caused lots of giggles - Duvet Dojo. Sasha may look fierce in the above photo, but it was all for show. Excuse the very pink picture - that's a reflection of just how pink Sasha's bedroom is...
Stephs Two Girls in Science Museum

On days before that in the holidays, we managed a trip to the science museum, and we also went to the local RSPCA centre and reserved a new kitten to bring home with us soon. Look out for all the cute pics coming in a couple of weeks' time!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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