Thursday 17 May 2018

Siblings {May 2018}

This month's siblings photos were actually taken over the bank holiday weekend, when the weather was so gorgeous that we managed to get the paddling pool out. Doesn't happen all that often in this country, so we do like to make the most of it!
stephs two girls in paddling pool

As always, I can't resist sharing the other three thousand, two hundred and eleven photos with you... OK, just kidding, not quite that many. It's always easier to get good snaps of the girls when they're having fun together in the garden though.

stephs two girls fun in sun collage
May is probably my busiest month (June is a close second!) - today our eldest turned 13. Thirteen! I can hardly believe we have a teenager already. I don't look that old do I?! Just testing now to see whether anyone reading is actually of a similar age... I can confirm that she hasn't turned into a Kevin overnight, phew.
Today's task was to create a birthday cake for her. I'm a bit out of practice on the baking and decorating front, but was pleased when Tamsin seemed happy with my efforts. I wonder if you can tell what her current interests are...?!  

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