Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Little Dragons Cafe for Nintendo {Review}

If you follow me over on my Facebook page, you'll know that things have been a little stressful around here just recently - so we were pleased to hear about the opportunity to review an upcoming Nintendo release, called Little Dragons Cafe.
nintendo little dragons cafe title screen
This is a story adventure type game which releases on September 20th for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In Sasha's own words it 'has pretty cool graphics!'. She played it non-stop for an hour, so that's a high commendation from a girl who doesn't usually focus for long periods of time. More about what Sasha thought of this game coming below, but first I'll explain the premise.
The idea is that you are one of two siblings who is helping to run a cafe whilst nurturing and raising a dragon. First nice touch of the game is that you can pick whether you want to be the male or female sibling, and then you can choose a name for your character.
choice of sibling in little dragons cafe
The game begins with the siblings in the kitchen with their mum, who teaches them about some foods and recipes and send them off to explore the garden. The children learn how to gather food and are given recipes to make dishes.

This involves completing short games a bit like those dance move games - where you have to shake the controller or press a button as the scrolling images fall into the circle spot at the top right of the screen. We weren't sure what to do initially but Sasha very quickly picked this up.
cooking a recipe in little dragons cafe
After a short introductory period, the mum falls into a deep sleep in her bed and can't be woken. Along comes a wizard who tells the children that in order to help cure their mum, they need to raise a baby dragon which hatches from a giant egg:
wizard and siblings with dragon egg in Little Dragons cafe
The dragon is very cute and needs to be looked after by feeding with special recipes - all the supplies can be found by exploring outside of the house. The dragon grows to be a faithful companion who learns new skills and who can be ridden to fly to further away places.
wizard and siblings with baby dragon in Little Dragons cafe
The other main activity is running a cafe and serving customers. This also involves hiring staff and figuring out the relationships between them. Here's a little trailer which shows the cafe in a bit more detail:

Sasha described this game as 'adorable' and like 'an English medieval anime'. In her words, 'controls are simple and easy to use if you've played on the Switch before. There's just the right amount of storyline. The baby dragon is cute and needs feeding. Food is harvested outside in the garden then put in a storage cupboard to be used later. Customers come into the cafe and make orders which you then cook. The more progress you make, the more you'll unlock, such as more area outside to explore. It's fun!'

Downloadable now on the Nintendo e-store.

Disclosure: we were sent a code for this game for free in order to review it; all opinions expressed are our own.

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