Saturday 22 September 2018

Siblings {September 2018}

Pretty late with this months siblings post, but as you may have seen over on my Facebook page, there's been a lot going on! So photo taking was the last thing on my mind. I'll be honest, it took a little bribe of some cards to persuade Sasha to be photographed this month. Some Nintendo Amiibo cards to be precise, her new favourite addition to her Happy Home Designer game.
stephs two girls siblings sep 18

So today I gathered the girls together and explained that I need to practise with my posh camera. As you can see from the photos, I need even more practice. Or two girls who are good at smiling at the camera. Tamsin is fine with it to be fair; she just spends most of the time trying to coax Sasha into laughing. Photos on demand is definitely not Sasha's thing... see that demand word?! 
stephs two girls siblings sep 18
I still love having these monthly shots though, it's great to look back and see how they've grown. It's also lovely to get them together as they spend so much time apart these days. Despite the pain of taking the photos, there are always giggles at some point along the way.
stephs two girls selfie

stephs two girls snapchat selfie

stephs two girls september 18

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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