Sunday 17 February 2019

Siblings {February 2019}

Whilst it felt like January was never-ending, February is already zooming by in a flash. So much I'd love to blog about, but so little time to do it... life is never boring, that's for sure!
stephs two girls siblings feb 19
When I look back, one of the highlights of writing this blog over the past nine years must be the time when I stumbled across the siblings linky and decided to join in. For non-blogging people, a linky is generally blogging to a theme and seeing others join in too. A prompt, or a reason for blogging; many bloggers use them at different times and for various reasons. 

I've fallen in and out of a lot of linkies over the years, but I'm so pleased that the siblings linky is something which I've kept on doing religiously, every month. It's an online record of my two girls growing up and I hope they will enjoy looking back over them when they're older. Even if they don't though, I know I will, so it was all worth it!

For February I think I've managed to capture a very special moment of our two girls together, one I will remember for a long time to come. It's been an extremely busy month, as our eldest daughter (known as Teen for the next few years) has been starring on stage as part of a big group putting on a Gang Show performance.
If you've not heard of these Gang Shows, they are variety shows put on by a group of volunteers from the Guide and Scouting movements, and they take place in towns all across the country. Our local production has around 120 children in it, and we are always amazed by how professional the shows turn out, considering the obvious challenge of managing so many children between the ages of 11 to 18. Honestly, they are worthy of a West End stage in my opinion - lots of singing and dancing and witty sketches (sometimes with both singing and dancing in!).

I'm hoping to write another post linked to this very soon, but for now this is a Siblings post and so here's another snap of my two girls together:
stephs two girls siblings with cake feb 2019

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