Monday 15 April 2019

Siblings {April 2019}

The Easter holidays have been pretty good to us so far. We had a lovely mini-break of four days away visiting my parents which I'll write about separately, but since getting home four days ago there's not been a lot of action. By that, I mean that Sasha has not left the house. At all. Until today!
tamsin and sasha stephs two girls in garden
Ta-dah! Here's my siblings photo for April, I'm quite pleased with it. Of course there's more, there's never just one photo, so here's another couple: 
siblings april 2019 stephs two girls
I think Sasha did stick her head outside in the back garden very briefly one of the other days, but that was it.
Tomorrow... I keep saying tomorrow I'm going to make her go out for some fresh air. Of course I can't make Sasha do anything, unless I bribe her with McDonalds, which kind of defeats the object of trying to be healthy... sigh.

Of course that bit about McDonalds is all a a bit tongue in cheek. We are having them fairly frequently because it's the holidays - she only has fries, with her sliced turkey and cucumber which I have to gently encourage her to eat. I'm sure lots are judging me for not being 'stricter with Sasha, not making her go out and 'do' things, not making her eat better.... it's been a while since I cared much about others' judging though. She's fine, alive and kicking, happy doing her own thing - right now I can hear her running round her room, role playing to herself after a day of Skylanders and YouTube and Kirby and some other games. Yesterday she made slime with her sister, a bit of variety. We're happy here, the gentle life is not a bad one, no need to overfill the days!

The more eagled eyed among you may have noticed that Sasha is wearing a new dress... her struggles with sensory issues have been well documented on this blog and you may have seen her favourite 'galaxy' dress once or twice before. So I'm delighted that we found a new option for her in H&M recently as this has become her favourite, for now. Something which made me smile was a lovely blog reader of mine getting in touch to let me know about this dress, just a week after I'd bought it! It really touches me to know that other people are thinking of Sasha and trying to help. That goes for all the lovely messages and comments I get here and on my Facebook page too - thank you all so much.

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