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iPhone Xs Max review

When I was recently offered the chance to review the latest iPhone Xs Max by Three, of course I jumped at it. Last summer I'd reviewed the iPhone 8 Plus and loved it, so I was keen to see what differences there were between these models. My own personal handset is still an old iPhone 6s because I simply can't justify the cost of one of these newer phones (well, I say that, what I mean is that I'd rather go on holiday with the money, we all make choices, right?!).
iphone xs max
The mobile company Three lent me the iPhone Xs Max for a couple of weeks in May; this happily coincided with some events where I knew I could put the phone camera to the test. Like lots of people these days, young and old, I use my phone constantly for staying in touch on social media and I love having a camera permanently to hand for posting daily snaps to my Instagram page, so the battery is hammered quite hard. So battery level and photo quality are probably the two things I'd consider the most when choosing a new phone.

The first change I had to get used to with the new phone was the lack of a home button. It really didn't take long before I was swiping away like a pro though, and in fact it was strangely difficult to go back to the home button when I picked my old phone back up! The battery fared much better than that in my current phone, although I guess that's no surprise considering my phone is almost two years old with daily usage. I won't go into all the technical details as you can find them elsewhere online, but the bigger screen and better resolution and colour are all obvious once you start using the phone. The iPhone Xs apparently has a new level of water resistance; I didn't try it out personally but it's always good to have for peace of mind.

Onto the photo quality then, which is the main event for me. Some might think I'm just using this post as an excuse to share some gorgeous photos... 

In May, I was lucky enough to attend not one, but two Take That concerts. My idols; I've been to at least one show (but mostly two or more) on every tour they've ever done. I do that crazy thing of taking loads of photos and videos while I'm watching them - the thought of being able to play them back to cheer me up at a later date is always at the forefront of my mind!

For the first concert, I was using my old iPhone 6s. Here's one of the photos I took with that:
Take That o2 london May 2019
A couple of weeks later, I received the iPhone Xs Max and couldn't wait to see if I could capture better photos. Different position in the arena of course (different arena in fact!) so that did affect the result slightly:
take that birmingham arena may 2019
I think for that last reason I gave, and also because everyone's computer or mobile screens will give a different tone anyhow, it's very difficult to show the difference in comparison pictures like this. What I would probably say, is that I didn't notice a huge difference in the quality of either of my sets of Take That pictures (I've spared you all the rest). I'm putting this down to the indoor, dark setting - I think where the iPhone really comes into its own is with daylight photos. So let's move on.

One feature which I totally love on the newer iPhones is the Portrait setting. My only wish would be that it would turn on automatically, as I would often forget to select it. Here's one of me and the girls together taken using that setting:
steph and two girls in garden
The next big event in my life where I knew the phone would come in handy was a trip to the most magical place on Earth. Again, far too many photos to show you them all, but here's a few of my favourites. First, our teen in front of her favourite ride at Hollywood Studios, the Tower of Terror:
Tamsin at hollywood studios tower of terror
The obligatory castle pic at Magic Kingdom:
teen in front of Disney castle
That time when I was allowed to do Disney twinning:
steph and tamsin in matching mickey tops
And the magical fireworks display:
fireworks over magic kingdom castle
I was actually very impressed with the quality of all our photos and videos from this trip, but in particular the night-time photos. Maybe it was the outdoor, natural light which made all the difference to the quality?
epcot water picture

all star sports resort sunset

So in summary, I was impressed with everything about this phone. Better battery, faster reaction times, ease of use and of course the screen and photo quality. I'm in love! 

Looking at Three's tariffs, I was actually surprised to see that I would pay not much more than my current contract to have the iPhone Xs Max right now... I'm very tempted. Whilst I wasn't too sad about handing back the iPhone 8 Plus last summer, this time it was a real wrench to return this iPhone Xs Max, then have to go back to using my old model which now feels ancient. Roll on Christmas for upgrade time in our house... and I can feel a service provider change coming on too!

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