Thursday 25 July 2019

Siblings {July 2019} and Center Parcs

I hadn't forgotten about this month's Siblings photo, it was just that when I mentioned it to the girls, they groaned and asked if I could just take a photo of them together while we were on our family summer holiday at Center Parcs this week and use that instead. So I was patient for once and was rewarded with this:
stephs two girls in front of pencil fence
Our week in Center Parcs in Elveden Forest has definitely been memorable for a few reasons, some of which I'll have to explain at a later date. Today it has been 36 degrees here - and that's in a shady forest! Sasha, who describes herself as a volcano on two legs in the middle of winter, has been struggling massively with the extra heat. To be honest, I think we all have. We're not really a family of sun worshippers - a little bit of sun is a good thing, but when you have the kind of body which stays white rather than tanning, there's not much of a plus side to this kind of heat!

stephs two girls in Subtropical Swimming Paradise center parcs
However, we have enjoyed our time in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise this week - five times in four days, plus a spa session for the teen and me. Approximately 4,597 times down the rapids.... here's a little clip of the girls enjoying that:
Our teen took on the Aerial Adventure course and extra long zip-wire across the lake this afternoon, no mean feat in this kind of heat where you sweat even when sitting down!
teen and her dad ready for aerial adventure at center parcs
We've also done pottery painting, adventure golf and roller skating, although the latter was not so successful for Sasha, who got frustrated at not picking it up again quickly enough. It didn't matter how I tried to build her confidence, she was still upset and irritated and insisted on leaving after just ten minutes. In fact golf was also not a success and every time we went to the pool Sasha got to her 'had enough' point where she was angry and frustrated and had to leave instantly. That's life with Pathological Demand Avoidance, and lots of other conditions when children get overwhelmed easily; it can be very frustrating but we have learnt to roll with it and do what we can to savour the happy moments.
sasha in mermaid tail and fin at center parcs

This morning we had happy times as Sasha and I learnt how to be mermaids. Sasha first did this mermaid experience at Center Parcs a couple of years ago but it was a whole new experience for me. She enjoyed laughing at me as I got used to the tail and fin but it was worth it to see her smile.
mermaid experience at center parcs
Center Parcs is definitely a place we would recommend for families with both young and older children; somewhere to relax and have a 'home from home' (which suits Sasha) but also somewhere with lots on offer and you'd never be bored. I know some people slate it for being more expensive in the summer holidays, but let's be honest, everywhere is expensive in the summer holidays. We paid just under £1000 for our break; the activities are extra but optional, and the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is included in that price, all day every day. 

*Just to be clear, this is not advertising, we haven't been asked to write this in any way, we just love Center Parcs!

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